2011 Eastern Creek Historic- 25-27 November

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Above: The Triumph TR3A of Andrew Gibson.

Above: Wes Dayton re-fuels his Triumph TR3A in readiness for Sunday morning's 25-lap endurance race for Group Sa & Sb.

Above: The Osella sports-racing car of Ian Ross - powered by BMW Motorsport M12 300bhp engine.

Above: The Osella powerplant.

Above: Couldn't resist taking this - mandatory to have a spare F1 Ferrari in the truck - that's the Michele Alboreto 156, with Guido Belgiorno-Nettis electing to race the Johannson car at the Creek. The Alfa Romeo 105 (#10)was given by Guido's son Sandro in the Regularity events.

Above:The Buick V8 powered Brabham of Les Wright - Sunday morning, before the crash with David Kent & Tom Tweedie.

Above: Tom Tweedie qualified on second place during the semi-wet session Saturday morning in this Lola T60 F2 car - later involved in the Sunday crash.

Above: Thankfully only minor damage was caused to David Kent's Brabham BT29 when involved in the turn 8 collision with Les Wright & Tom Tweedie, whose cars were worse off.

Above: Richard Carter talks to Max Brunninghausen behind his Elfin Mono.

Above: Simond Rogers (No. 126 MGB) lines up for qualifying in Group Sa & Sb - bucketing down, wet conditions - for the Summer meeting!

Above: Team Brown from Victoria/NSW. Joel Brown (NSW) drives the family Tiga SC84 Sports 2000, while father Jeff (Vic) is driving the Chevron B16.

Above: The 1965 Brabham BT11A Climax - at its first race meeting since a total restoration by Peter Larner & Co in Eltham, Victoria. The car, purchased by Peter Strauss in January 2011 was driven by Jamie Larner at the meeting.

Historically, one of Australia's most significant Tasman Series cars. The car was purchased new by Bib Stillwell from the Brabham MRD factory in the UK to competer in the 1965 Tasman Series, at which Bib won the 1965 Australian Drivers' Championship - the Gold Star.

Below is a small series of photos of the 2.5 litre Coventry-Climax engine.





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