2011 Mallala All Historics - Easter weekend

Above: This memorial rock dedicated to the life of the Late Kevin Shearer was unveiled on Saturday evening in front of a crowd of over 100. Kevin, and the entire Shearer family have organised the Easter all historic event since its inception in the 1970s. The Ford Model A V8 Special on the bronze plaque is the car he built, and in an early outing at Phillip Island managed to put on a good race against an ERA that had travelled from the UK for that event.

Above: The Charles Rogers MG BGT eagerly awaiting the next Regularity event.

Above: South Australian David Armstrong's Clubman in front of its tow car ran in the Group O races.

Above: The Grantinni 11B of Victoria;'s Peter Turner.

Above: The Western Australia entered Ford Mustang of Frank Viskowich ran in both Group N and Regularity events.

Above: "Shaggy Sarah", the ex. Capt. Peter Jansen HDT Torana GTR XU1 was regulated by Larry Kavanagh.

Above: Local John Virgo's super quick Riley ran in the top 5 all weekend in the Group K & L races.

Above: The Repco-Brabham BT 31, now of Peter Strauss, and back in the "winged" specification.

Above: ex. Jack Brabham & Bib Stillwell the car is a recent import from New Zealand/USA. The photo of the trumpets is there as the second from the right on the top row is the one that shot out during Friday practice - shotting some 150 yards into the air - who knows how that happened as no damaged was done to the mesh cover.

Above: The Wynns sponsored March 77B of Shane Kuchel, and the Lola T560 of Simon Gardiner in the background fought hard at the front of the Group Q & R races.

Above: Richard Carter's ex. Johnny Walker Elfin Mono led good dices with the no. 64 Elfin 600B of Paul Hamilton in the Group M & O races.

Above: Rodger & Lorna Chapman shared driving duties in their MGB from Victoria in the Regularity events.

Above: "Shaggy Sarah" made the best viewing starts at Easter Monday/ANZAC Day's Collingrove Hillclimb.

Above: The Charles Rogers MG BGT at Collingrove Hillclimb - 25 April 2011




Updated: 27 April, 2011


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