2011 Phillip Island Classic - Courtesy of Chris Carter

Above: Cooper T39 "Bobtail" of Paul Savoy maintaining position in front of the Proton Sports of Dick O'Keefe, the Graeme Raper Monoskate and John Evans' Elfin Steamliner.

Above: A recent arrival to Australia is the seriously competitive Ford GT40 of Englishman Chris Wilson, now based in WA.

Above: Aaron Lewis (Chevron B24 F5000) overtakes the earlier F5000 Lola T192 of Bob Harborow.

Above: Lilo Zicron (USA) campaigned this Lola T70 Spyder on the approach to Southern Loop.

Above: The Elfin ME5 5.0 lt Repco of Travor Lambert (SA) leads the Graduate M8F of Phil Verwoert.

Above: Troy Stapleton (Walkinshaw VL Commodore) leads the ex. Richards/Brock BMW M3 of Jervis Ward.




Updated: 11 April, 2011


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