2011 VSCC Vintage Rob Roy

Above: Des Dillon's Hispano-Suiza Alfonso, now with body on (refer to 2010 VSCC 2-wheel brake rally gallery).

Above: The 1915 & 1917 Ford Model Ts of father & son duo Kevyn & Andrew Brown.

Above: The 1928 Stutz of Ric Begg.

Above: Glyn Farrell's Vauxhall 30/98.

Above: The car park always shows some more fine vintage cars, as well as a few more "moderns". The 1921 Ballot 2LS of Alistair McArthur shwon here in the foreground, with a Bristol 400, MGA, MG TF & MGB in the background.




Updated: 30 April, 2012


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