2012 AGP Shannons Historic Demonstration

Albert Park, Melbourne

15-18 March

Above: No. 78 Elva-BMW of Brian Samspon with the other Elva Mk7S of the USA's Steven Dana in the marshalling area.

Above: Warwick Anderson's Jaguar E-Type, Paul Savoy's Cooper T39 'Bobtail', and a glimse of the two F1 cars at marshalling on Friday.

Above: The engine bay of the ex. Ascari/Gaze/Davison Ferrari F500.

Above: On Sunday lunch, the historic racing community gathered in the paddock area to celebrate 60 years since Tony Gaze became Australia's first F1 driver in 1952. In the photo Tony is sitting, while wife Diana recounts old times with Sir Jackie Stewart.

Above: Historic Racing Australia's Charles Rogers became a 'Works driver' for the day on Saturday substituting for Warwick Anderson in the Jaguar E-Type. Photo: Chris Terdich

Above: HRS's Charles Rogers relaxing in the Jaguar XJ13 Replica, with its quad-cam V12 7.6lt engine - de-tuned from 750bhp to 600bhp. The car is owned and driven by Colin Sutton.

Above: Paul Faulkner gets ready to demonstrate the 1979 Williams FW07. The No. 45 Cooper T45 of Scotty Taylor is in the background.

Above: The ex. Gibbs Nissan Skyline GTR of Rod Markland ran in the second half of the top ten in the Group C & A Touring Car support races.

Above: The 3 Austin Healey 100S' of Bill Alexander (owner Clive Smith residing over proveedings), Tony Jarvis & Tony Parkinson, the Jacuar E-Type of Warwick Anderson, and the Jaguar XK120 of Trevor Montgomery.




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