Media release – Formula Junior Tasman Challenge 2008

2008 is the 50th anniversary of the international Formula Junior racing car that competed in the period from 1958 to 1963, and to celebrate the occasion, cars from around the globe will compete in a world series of events, that includes a Junior Tasman Series with racing at Pukekohe and Taupo in New Zealand, and similar Australian events at Calder Park and Phillip Island in early 2008.

Early indications are that this will be the largest gathering of Formula Juniors ever assembled in the southern hemisphere, as there will be cars from Europe, the USA and New Zealand swelling the grids that already exceed track capacity.

Formula Junior was a restrictive Formula using proprietary parts from normal cars with engines limited to 1100cc, and commenced with Italian style front engine monoposto designs, and finished with tub type monocoque and many of the modern attributes of current formula racing cars. It was the only route to Formula one in the period, and was replaced by the very popular and competitive Formula Ford that continues to train young drivers in competition today.

Details of the proposed celebrations for 2008 can be viewed on the AFJA Website

An array of action photos to support this article can be downloaded from archived newsletters on the AFJA website.

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