Faster, Faster – Hilton South Wharf AGP Exhibition

Melbourne’s new Hilton Hotel next to the Melbourne Convention Centre at South Wharf is hosting an exhibition for the Australian Grand Prix.

The exhibition, titled Faster, Faster will feature3 display cars and a vast collection of period photographs. Historic Racing Australia has assisting in securing the photographs and two of the exhibiting cars to form the exhibition.

The cars on display are to include the 1928 AGP winning Austin 7 racing car, and the Dymond families beautiful polished-aluminium Cooper Mk V.

The photographs depict the 1960s Tasman Series, which are on loan from The HSRCA & Vintage Racecar.

The exhibition will be open from Friday 11 March to Thursday 31 March in the lobby at the Hilton South Wharf. The hotel is location off the Montague St/Charles Grimes Bridge entrance to Melbourne’s DFO South Wharf shopping centre. The hotel welcomes the public to visit the exhibition.

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