Sir Jack Brabham Museum unveiled at VHRR Clubrooms

sir-jack1 sir-jack2 sir-jack3On Sunday 24 November 2013, Historic Racing Australia was in attendance at the official unveiling of the Sir Jack Brabham annex at the Victorian Historic Racing Register (VHRR) Clubroom in Box Hill, Melbourne.

The venue is open by appointment, part of the Cooldrive Distribution facility (contact the VHRR for open times), and features Sir Jack’s complete trophy collection, as well as his private book collection, and the centre peice being the 1966 Repco-Brabham BT19 – on loan from Repco.

Sir Jack Brabham is beyond doubt a true Australian Living Legend. Not only did he win no less than three Formula One World Championships (1959,1960 & 1966), he won the latter with a car of his own design and name – the only driver ever to have done so. He was also the brianchild of putting the engine in the back of an F1 car, a mount which remains to this day.

A small group of 90 invited guests joined in the unveiling proceedings; including six former Repco Engine Engineering employees; Nigel Tait, Don Haplin & Norman Wilson.

There was a video message from the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and the Monaco Consul, Andrew Cannon spoke in great fondness of Monaco’s recognition of Sir Jack’s 1959 Monaco Grand Prix win – the first of his Formula One career.

One thought on “Sir Jack Brabham Museum unveiled at VHRR Clubrooms

  1. Hello, I have some memorabilia of Jack you might like. A large poster of the 1971 “Salute to Jack Brabham” meeting and an audio of the same.

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