Historic Sandown – 1920s-50s grid preview

A 35 car field will take to the track tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday at this year’s Historic Sandown for the 1920s-50s racing and sports-racing class (Groups J, K & L).
There’s a lot of competition, class and who’s who in this field. At the pointy end it will be a continuation from the recent Winton FOS battles of the sports-racers – Lola Mk1 (Dymond), Prad (Bowden) and Proton (O’Keefe). They will battle it out with the likes of Marks – Mac Healey and Raper in Monoskate.
Mid pack dives will ensue with the two Cooper Bobtails entered (someone mentioned Daunt making his way from Qld, but there’s also Tasmanian Scotty Taylor in his T39.
Class – Bugatti T35C, Talbot Darracq & ex Bira MG K3.
To round up the field are a handful of Group Sa production sports cars including a brace of Bug-eye Sprites and an Elva Courier that will give the front-runners a run for the trophy.

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