With a lights-to-flag victory in the feature race at the annual NZ Festival of Motor Racing meeting at Hampton Downs on Sunday afternoon Kiwi racing supervet Ken Smith (Lola T332) made dominating the third round of the 2016/17 SAS Autoparts MSC NZ F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series look easy.

Afterwards though the 75-year-old said it was anything but.

“It might look it from the outside when you are that far in front, but I was giving it 110 percent out there, don’t you worry about that.”

Smith, a three-time winner of the New Zealand Grand Prix, four-time winner of the SAS Autoparts MSC NZ F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series, and now contesting his 59th consecutive season at a national was the featured driver at this year’s Festival meeting, and he didn’t disappoint.

As well as qualifying quickest and setting the fastest race laps in all three SAS Autoparts MSC F5000 category races he won all but one of the races in the two other categories he contested in other cars, Formula Libre and Historic Formula Ford.

His performance in the feature 12-lap SAS Autoparts MSC race mirrored that in the other two over the race weekend. After early challenges from Mark Dwyer (Lola T332) and Clark Proctor (March 72A/1) Smith put the hammer down and eased away as those behind him tussled over the minor places.17ssmscf500r3h-dmarkdwyerleadsdavidbanks-1

Above: Mark Dwyer (Lola T332) leads David Banks (Talon MR1).Photo credit: Fast Company/Lance Hastie

“The car was going good, and handling well but I did back off a bit towards the end when I saw how far back the other two were,” he said.

The Festival meeting was a first on the new 3.8km International circuit for Smith though you would never have guessed it.

“It took me a while to get my head around, but now I’ve done some laps round the place I’ve got a better handle on it,” he said.

Clark Proctor drove a strong race in the feature to finish second, though Mark Dwyer, who followed Smith home in the first two SAS Autoparts MSC Series races at the event, closed dramatically on the last two laps and crossed the finish line just 0.115 of a second behind.

Grant Martin (Talon MR1A) held fourth place and did a great job fending off advances from the first of the visiting Australian drivers, Paul Zazryn (Lola T332), only to slip down the field later on after contact with Brett Willis (Lola T330).

Willis was the big improver in the feature race, working his way forward from eighth to fourth at the flag.

“I enjoy the longer races and the car was coming to us all the time,” he said. “Another couple of laps I might have got one more (place).”

Australians Bryan Sala (Matich A50/51) and Peter Brennan (Lola T330) were both in the wars however, Sala losing time and track position in an early tangle which knocked his car’s left-hand front wing askew, and Brennan completing the race without the use of third gear.

“Just one of those things,” said the Melbourne man, “I lost third gear driving out of pit lane so all the important bits where you needed to be in third I was doing in fourth.”.

Earlier in the day both Dwyer and Proctor managed to get around Smith through the first two corners at the start of the second SAS Autoparts MSC F5000 race of the weekend. Smith was up for the challenge, however, dispatching the pair before either could get away and easing away until the Safety Car came out on the fourth lap after Ian Riley (Lola T332) spun avoiding another car exiting the final corner and ended up in the barriers on the inside of the circuit.

Dwyer then jumped Proctor for second place when the track went green with just the one lap to go, the order at the chequered flag Smith, Dwyer, Proctor, Martin, Paul Zazryn and David Banks (Talon MR1).

Earlier Russell Greer (Lola T332) and Aaron Burson (McRae GM1) tangled through Turn 1, Greer pulling off the track between Turns 1 and 2, Burson continuing to the pits to check for damage. Glenn Richards (Lola T400) had a half spin, meanwhile, through the new double apex corner linking the International and National circuits but was able to continue and work his way back up to 13th place at the flag.

Best of the first-time British visitors across the three SAS Autoparts MSC races was Chris Atkinson (Surtees TS8) who finished 13th in the first race, ninth in the second and 10th in the third.

Heading into the weekend category young gun Alan Dunkley (Lola T332) was quickest in both practise sessions on Friday and joined Smith on the front row of the grid for the first category  race on Saturday.

Dunkley then edged ahead of the 75-year-old to lead the first two laps. Smith got back in front to lead the third lap, however, and Dunkley slowed then pulled off the track three laps later with an engine issue which was to spell an early end to his race weekend.

17ssmscf500r3h-dsunpaulzazrynbryansaladavidbankslhAbove: Paul Zazryn (Lola T332) leads fellow Australian Bryan Sala (Matich A50/51) and Kiwi David Banks (Talon MR1). Photo credit: Fast Company/Lance Hastie

Mark Dwyer inherited second after a race-long duel with Clark Proctor and Grant Martin started and finished fourth

SAS Autoparts MSC F5000 series action now heads to Taupo for the inaugural Taupo Historic meeting and F1 vs F5000 Race of Champions re-enactment race next weekend.

Hampton Downs circuit owner Tony Quinn said today that the Ken Smith tribute meeting was one of ‘the best ever’ and next year the Festival meeting will celebrate Bathurst.

The 2016/17 SAS Autoparts MSC NZ  F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series is organised and run with the support of sponsors SAS Autoparts, MSC, NZ Express Transport, Bonney’s Specialized Bulk Transport, Mobil Lubricants, Pacifica, Avon Tyres, Webdesign and Exide Batteries.


2016/17 SAS Autoparts MSC NZ F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series


  1. Ken Smith (Lola T332) 1:29.015
  2. Alan Dunkley (Lola T332) 1:30.075
  3. Clark Proctor March 73A/1) 1:33.309
  4. Grant Martin (Talon MR1A) 1:33.359
  5. Mark Dwyer (Lola T332) 1:33.722
  6. David Banks (Talon MR1) 1:33.824
  7. Brett Willis  (Lola T330) 1:34.068
  8. Paul Zazryn (Lola T332) 1:34.264
  9. Bryan Sala (Matich A50/51) 1:34.659
  10. Aaron Burson (McRae GM1) 1:35.026
  11. Peter Brennan (Lola T330) 1:35.427
  12. Russell Greer (Lola T332) 1:36.913
  13. Ian Clements (Lola T332) 1:37.399
  14. Chris Atkinson (Surtees TS8) 1:39.073
  15. Glenn Richards (Lola T400) 1:40.218
  16. Ian Riley 1:40.465 (Lola T332)
  17. Shayne Windelburn (Lola T400) 1:41.572
  18. Bill Hemming (Elfin MR8) 1:44.027
  19. Peter Burson (McRae GM1) 1:44.590
  20. Frank Karl (McLaren M10B) 1:47.522
  21. Karl Zohs (Chevron B32) 1:54.910
  22. Mike Sidgewick (Trojan T101) 1:56.481
  23. Gregory Thornton (Chevron B24) 0.000


Race 1 (8 laps) Saturday

  1. Ken Smith 12:09:786
  2. Mark Dwyer +16.214
  3. Clark Proctor +16.721
  4. Grant Martin +29.163
  5. Paul Zazryn +31.289
  6. David Banks +31.957
  7. Bryan Sala +44.594
  8. Aaron Burson +45.046
  9. Glenn Richards +45.129
  10. Ian Clements +45.995
  11. Russell Greer +49.636
  12. Shayne Windelburn +59.000
  13. Chris Atkinson + 1.12.908
  14. Peter Brennan +1.20.012
  15. Peter Burson +1.24.963
  16. Ian Riley 1.29.471
  17. Bill Hemming +1 lap
  18. Frank Karl +1 lap
  19. Mike Sidgewick +1 lap
  20. Karl Zohs +1  lap

dnf Brett Willis, Alan Dunkley.


Race 2 Sunday 6 laps

  1. Ken Smith 10:37.431
  2. Mark Dwyer +1.51
  3. Clark Proctor +1.727
  4. Grant Martin +2.790
  5. Paul Zazryn +3.456
  6. David Banks +4.082
  7. Bryan Sala +5.550
  8. Ian Clements +6.533
  9. Chris Atkinson +8.066
  10. Brett Willis +8.593
  11. Peter Brennan +10.236
  12. Shayne Windelburn +10.540
  13. Glenn Richards +13.184
  14. Peter Burson +13.301
  15. Bill Hemming +18.585
  16. Frank Karl +20.178
  17. Mike Sidgewick +1.11.578
  18. Karl Zohs +1 lap

dnf. Ian Riley. Aaron Burson, Russell Greer.


Race 3 Sunday 12 laps

  1. Ken Smith 18:22.855
  2. Clark Proctor +26.705
  3. Mark Dwyer +26.820
  4. Brett Willis +35.052
  5. David Banks +38.422
  6. Paul Zazryn +39.293
  7. Ian Clements +43.803
  8. Glenn Richards +48.065
  9. Shayne Windelburn +1.01.908
  10. Chris Atkinson +1.11.169
  11. Bryan Sala +1.14.499
  12. Russell Greer +1.21.912
  13. Aaron Burson +1.31.247
  14. Grant Martin +1.37.753
  15. Peter Burson +1 lap
  16. Bill Hemming +1 lap
  17. Frank Karl +1 lap
  18. Peter Brennan +1 lap
  19. Mike Sidgewick +2 laps



2016/17 New Zealand F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series

Rnd 1 – Oct 22-23 2016 – Barbagallo Raceway Perth WA Aust

Rnd 2 – Nov 05-06 2016 – VHRR Historic Sandown meeting Melbourne VIC, Aust

Rnd 3 – Jan 21-22 2017 – NZFMR – Ken Smith – Hampton Downs Auckland NZ

Rnd 4 – Jan 28-29 2017 – Race of Champions Revival – Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park Taupo NZ

Rnd 5 – Feb 04-05  2017 – Skope Classic Mike Pero Motorsport Park Ruapuna Christchurch, NZ


Prepared by FAST COMPANY of behalf of the New Zealand Formula 5000 Association www.F5000.co.nz 

Feature photo: Defending SAS Autoparts MSC F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series title holder Ken Smith (#11 Lola T332) qualified on pole and won all three series races.  Photo credit: Fast Company/Lance Hastie


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