Group S Production Sports Cars announces series sponsor ahead of the Phillip Island Classic

“Racing is life.  Anything before or after is just waiting.”  Steve McQueen

 Announcing the

Gulf Oil Classic Sports Car Racing Series 2018

A company synonymous with racing, not to mention Steve McQueen, is Gulf Oil.  The iconic Gulf livery was a regular on the tracks of Europe in the in 60’s and 70’s, everything from Porsche 917’s to Ford GT40’s… and now Gulf Oil is in Australia and on Australian race tracks.

Historic race category Group S, has secured the sponsorship of what will now be known as the Gulf Oil Classic Sports Car Racing Series.  A regular on Historic grids, Group S has added some new events to the 2018 calendar including the first event at Tailem Bend (Shannons Nationals) as well as the recent Bathurst 12 Hour.  “We’re very excited to announce our sponsor… and what an amazing brand to have on board.  When you think of Gulf Oil, you naturally think of 1960’s and 1970s sports cars… with Group S’s period correct grid, it’s the natural fit for such an iconic brand” said Alex Webster, President of Group S.

Regularly running at grid capacity, the category is one of the fastest growing historic racing classes in Australia.  “With limited modifications allowed, the cars are essentially historic production sports cars, though unlike other categories they don’t require a period ‘racing history’ or ‘COD’ making the category attainable for amateur racers to get on track.” Said Mr Webster.

Tony Antoun’s Shelby GT350 will be competing at Phillip Island on 9-11 March 2018

Gulf Oil Australia CEO Mike Ridley-Smith said the classic racing community identifies strongly with the Gulf name due to its association with some of the world’s most famous drivers and cars.  “Many race teams of the 1960s and 1970s achieved great success using Gulf’s specialised lubricants and we naturally wanted to extend that opportunity to Australian racers to coincide with the introduction of the Gulf Oil brand in this country.” Mr Ridley-Smith said.

The Gulf Oil Classic Sports Car Racing Series is open to machines built between 1941 and 1977, and is split into three classes:

Group Sa – 1941 to 1960.

Group Sb – 1961 to 1969.

Group Sc – 1970 to 1977.

Gulf Oil Australia welcomes enquiries from classic and performance car enthusiasts and workshops.  For more information, visit

For more information on the Gulf Oil Classic Sports Car Racing Series, visit

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