2020 Phillip Island Classic – Preview – Group S production sports cars

Friday 6 to Sunday 8 March 2020

Group S production sports cars covers from the 1950s through to the late 1970s.

In recent years Corvettes have taken it up to and conquered the 911 Porsche dominance. Paul Blackie and Joe di Bartolo leading that charge. Wayne Seabrook, Stan Adler will be among the keen Porsche challengers.

Like many of the categories this weekend, there are races within the race. The GTV Alfa Romeos make up for a large amount of the grid.


On track times:

Friday qualifying 9:35am  
Friday race 1 1:55pm 4 laps
Saturday race 2 9:50am 5 laps
Saturday race 3 1:45pm 8 laps
Sunday race 4 2:40pm 11 laps

Photo credit: Chris Carter

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