Your Historic Winton stories….

Last Friday (29 May 2020) we spoke to Historic Winton event chairman, Noel Wilcox on what he was up to with Winton cancelled this year due to the coronavirus Pandemic.

Noel said there might be 100 cars gone into hibernation and  120 cars that come out on the other side! Many are finding those stored away projects and with the isolation restrictions in place are finally finding that time to get them finished. This includes Noel, who is working hard on finishing a Model A Ford speedster project.

When asked about Historic Winton, well this was met with the word ‘disappointment’. Next year will make up for it.

We are all very fond of our sport, perhaps this is your opportunity to share your stories in this time – comments section is below.

The photos here are courtesy of our photographer, Chris Carter.

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