1961-1965 Racing Cars

After Jack Brabham’s consecutive World Championships in 1959 and 1960 all

Peter Strauss, Brabham BT11A

Peter Strauss, Brabham BT11A

manufactures wanting to have a chance in the title moved to building rear engined cars.

This is also the period we see our most successful international driver commence building his own cars, which now form a predominant part of historic motor racing in Australia.

His Kiwi friend and later Cooper teammate Bruce McLaren built his first race car during this period, the 1964 Cooper T70, dubbed “The first McLaren car. It took Bruce to the first Tasman Series Championship win in 1964. Incidentally, the car’s current custodian is Victorian Adam Berryman, who recently rebuted the car at the 2010 NZ Festival of Motor Sport after completing a nine-year meticulous restoration.

With no round of the Formula 1 World Championship in the Southern Hemisphere in the 1960s, but solid enthusiasm to see the World’s best in New Zealand and Australia at this time brought about the Tasman Series. Originally a series for 2.5Lt cars the first series was held in 1064. All the name drivers and manufacturers made their way across down under to get out of the European winter have a bit of fun at the beach and fit a few races in. And, the chance for Australia’s bext local drivers to take them on. Names like Bib Stillwell, Kevin Bartlett, Spencer Martin and Frank Matich to name a few.

In Australia we witnessed racing during this period at circuits such as Lakeside and Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Warwick Farm in New South Wales, Calder Park and Sandown in Victoria, and Longford in Tasmania.

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