1966-1970 Racing Cars


Brabham-Repco BT23C

Brabham-Repco BT23C

dscn2664 dscn3843 sir-jack1The Tasman Series was in full form during this period here in Australia, whilst an Australian originated companywon two Constructors Championships in Formula One – Motor Racing Developments. Trading as Brabham Racing Cars, Jack Brabham and Ron Touranac had become the biggest manufacturer of racing cars in the 1960s, their innovation leading them to contract Melbourne-based Repco to develop a light-weight 3-litre V8 unit from an Oldsmobile block Jack had sourced and aquired while in the US. This engine took Jack to his third World Championship in 1966.

A staggering feat of a constructor winning a Formula One championship in a car of his own design and make.

Like in the 1940s & 1950s, used cars made their way to Australia through the hands of numerous competitors; including David McKay and Alec Mildren. They went on to become team owners, McKay with cars such as a Ferrari 250LM, and Mildren with a brace of Brabham cars, fitting engines such as a 2.5Lt Alfa unit.

Mildren later this decade went on to build his own Formula 2 car, the Waggott-engine Mildren Waggott. These cars were extremely successful in the hands of Max Stewart and Kevin Bartlett, with Stewart taking back-to-back titles in 1969 and 1970.

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