Historic Sports Sedans

Sports Sedan racing was similarly popular in Australia through to 1986. There is still Sports Sedan racing to this day with category grids in most state championships.

Cars proving provenance to be a historic sports sedan are few and far between, so punters are yet to see historic sports sedans line up in competition, but on occasion do see one or two in sprint type events.

One thought on “Historic Sports Sedans

  1. Hi There,

    I have a nice old Classic Sports Sedan that I am hoping to have back out on the track later on this year.
    Club Sprints & pretty much anything to get the old girl out for testing and setup.
    At present I don’t have any form of racing license or knowledge of any classic sports sedan racing events.
    Any information on licensing and clubs would be greatly appreciated.
    My toy is a 1964 Isuzu Bellett that has been racing since the early 70’s.
    cheers Kev.

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