Wakefield Park Historic

– 17-19 September

Splendid sunshine has hit the HSRCA’s spring historic race meeting at Wakefield Park, albeit still a little be a little cold – some would say a heat wave at 12 degree.

I entered this meeting in the 1967 MG BGT, travelling from Melbourne on Thursday. Friday practise saw the organisers mix up a number of grids, in order to give more track time to all. Regularity was initially put into a combined Group N, S and T class (Mustang, Monaro, Torana, Falcon & Porsche), so as the first few sessions finished more cars hit the track – fortunately by this stage the grids were split in two, with the regularity cars fitting in with the Group S and T cars.

For me I was not told of this initially, so missed my first run, but with thanks to the organisers they let me go out with the Group J, K & L cars. There were three cars on the track, plus mine, so this proved for a really good session. For a few laps I had the track to myself until Norm Faulkner passed me in his immaculate Stangulini FJ, but beside that I had the track to myself.

Second practise I went out with the group i was supposed to, which at this stage included a number of much faster cars, although not too many. Approaching turn two I found the car being readied for passes by four-five cars, which meant that I missed my turn in point slightly, hit the marbles on the surface and had the biggest loose of my amateur motor sport career.

Fortunately after this they split up the fields and had touring car and sports car sessions. The speed differential was still there, but not as many cars. Then, one car in the P, Q & R sports and racing practise spilled oil from turn two, right around the track and through to its pit area. Our next session was next out, before the organisers were aware of the severity of the spill – suffice to say heaps of cars found themselves spinning – honest: I took it easy, had a few sideways moments, but nothing too bad.

As Saturday morning dawns the sky is overcast, but sun starting to punch through.

Report by: Charles Rogers / HRA

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