AGP Historic Demonstration

About 63 cars took part in this year’s demonstration of historic vehicles at the Grand Prix. Among them were braces of 275 GTB Ferraris, Bentleys & Austin-Healey 100Ss. Tasmanian Scotty Taylor has finally brought to Australia his ex. Jim Russell Cooper-Climax T45 from his Cooper/Lotus collection, Paul Savoy had his Bobtail Cooper, Jeff Brown with the Chevron B16 & Ian McDonald with both the Ausca & Allard J2 Competition.

The demonstration had a huge speed differential, but all drivers gave room for those faster in the field, which included Guido in the Ferrari 156 GP & Paul Faulkner in the Williams FW07.

The writer was very appreciative of Warwick Anderson letting him drive the Le Mans style left-hand drive Jaguar E-Type during the Saturday event. An experience not to knock back, to drive the Albert Park circuit, and a sore left arm from all the direction signals, and a minor miss of the turn in point at turn 1 was all that went wrong, but in the true spirit many competitors did the Stirling Moss wave when passing, including Peter Strauss in the Brabham-Repco BT31.

Report by: Charles Rogers / Historic Racing Australia

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