2013 Geelong Revival Festival of Motoring

The 2013 Geelong Revival Festival of Motoring was the second in the ‘Revival’ set of events on the Geelong Waterfront following a near decade absence from the last of the Geelong Speed Trials events in 2003.13geelong-revival-logo

600 odd metres of a curved piece of boulevard along the shores of Corio Bay is the setting for the competition side of the event. Spectators climbing the hillside to grab the best vantage points of the start.

Periods of rain affected Thursday and Friday set up of the event, but by then most of the track and surrounds were laid, so mainly trade stall holders felt the pinch. This weather didn’t last long, fortunately as the Saturday and Sunday improved dramatically.

The competition at the event is split with it becoming a one-day event for entrants. The later classic and modern cars and motorcycles taking to the track on Saturday, whilst the older, historic cars & bikes trackside Sunday.

Saturday saw cars classed together including a 1973 MG BGT V8 and a 2005 Lotus Exige. Tough competition when you’re up against the likes of a 4WD 2007 Mitsubishi EVO. The day also saw four 5-Litre Touring Cars, an emerging class into the historic grid in Australia. Many of these cars were cut n shoved into Sports Sedans following their ATCC era, so it’s great to see that there are still some original specimens left.

Saturday evening saw a gala dinner at The Pier Restaurant with about 300 guests on hand to listen to guest speakers including Chris Davison (for a tribute to Tony Gaze) and Allan Moffatt.

As the sun rose across the waterfront Sunday morning the organisers handled the second competition day like a well-oiled machine as entrants arrived and parked their competition vehicles in the designated spaces.

A feature of the venue is its starting bowl. A natural hillside amphitheatre overlooks this area where the cars and bikes assemble before their runs. A few ‘highlight’ cars are positioned here throughout the day, then participating in lunchtime sprints.

This year saw Australia’s fastest ever Sports-Racing car, the Matich SR4 be pitted alongside the older 1970s big-block CanAm McLaren M1B.

The oldest competitor was in one of the oldest cars, a special, and the replica of the Eddie Perkins Lancia Lambda Special. A very agricultural car, it certainly turned the heads of many. As did the ex. Prince Bira (of Siam – Thailand) 1934 MG K3.

Ian McDonald turned up in the monoposto Repco Holden Special, screaming its way along the waterfront.

Gary Poole brought a different look with the re-creation of the Kangaroo Stables Holden 48-215 that Tony Gaze, Lex Davison and Stan Jones competed with in the 1953 Monte Carlo Rally.

Early 30 degree temperatures made for a stifling day, particularly for the participants in the Fashions on the Field event further along the foreshore, some having to make several trips to the make-up rooms to re-apply.

We’re all looking forward to an even bigger and better event in 2014.

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