2013 RM Auctions Villa Erba Sale

2013 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’EsteRMAUCTIONSlogo

Saturday night – RM Auction sale

The grounds of Villa Erba showcased the 40 lots to go under the hammer this evening. A reception function took place from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, with yes, the auction starting at 9:00pm! By this time it was shivering cold, as the auction was taking place outside.

RM Auctions had quite a good success rate with over 80% of cars selling, but both of the two Riva boats failed to reach their reserves.IMG_2627 IMG_2651 IMG_2618 DSCN8549

An Australian-owned Bentley 6 ½ litre failed to sell, with bidding reaching Euro 540,000. I understand that this car later caught fire following an avoidable fuel leak, mixed with electronic water pump.

I was put back in my seat when a 1962 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster fetched Euro 995,000. The car had being fitted & presented for auction with power-steering and disc brakes, but apparently the original parts come separate to the car, but with the sale – hope they fit!

Five Ferrari “Supercars” went under the hammer; 288 GTO – Euro 860,000, F40 at Euro 420,000, an F50 at Euro 500,000, an Enzo at Euro 995,000, and a 2010 599 XX at Euro 948,000.

In fact, all Ferraris in the auction sold, including a 1962 Ferrari 400 Superamerica SWB Coupe at Euro 1,950,000

The show stopper though was the much anticipated sale of the 1953 Ferrari 340/375 MM Berlinetta Competizione. Bidding started at Euro 3,000,000, with five bidders quickly taking this past the expected 6million mark, then two bidders fought it out, and after about 15 minutes of bidding the auctioneer, speaking 5 languages continuously!, knocked it down for Euro 8,800,000.

Beside the price of the 599 XX, all prices listed here do not include the 12% Buyer’s premium & VAT.

So, the 340/375 MM sold for US $11,440,000

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