2014 Maserati UK Spring Run & Factory visit

We joined the Maserati Club in the UK for their annual Cameron Millar Spring Run, which this year was to Scotland. We drove our 1968 Mistral Spyder and had a truly wonderful time. There were 37 Maseratis with a great range from 3500’s to current models. There were 12 cars from the 60’s and 70’s including a 3500GT, 3500 Vignale Spyder, Mistral Spyder, 2 Sebrings, Mexico, 2 Indys, Quatroporte II, Merak and a Khamsin.

We collected our car in Tunbridge Wells where we store it and drove up to Scotland for the event, which was held at Perth, near Edinburgh. We had a number of wonderful drives, including to Balmoral Castle, Scone Palace and the famous Gleneagles Hotel. The UK Club made us most welcome and we had a fabulous time, so sincere thanks to the UK Club for their hospitality.

Following the meet, we headed further west and then north to the Isle of Skye along some of the most wonderful driving roads and scenery you’re ever likely to see. From there we headed down to Plymouth via the Lakes District and Yorkshire Dales to catch the car ferry to Santander in Spain. We then toured across Spain to Girona (just north of Barcelona) and then around the Carmargue and Cote d’Azur to Monaco for the Monaco Historic GP.

There were two Australians entered in events at the GP, with both Andrew Cannon and Andrew Berryman competing in their Bugattis (Types 51 and 37 respectively). The Monaco Ambassador to Australia held a cocktail party on the famous Belle Epoque Terrace at the Hermitage Hotel for a number of Australians and again it was just a wonderful event.

From there we travelled down to Italy via Portofino and the Cinque Terra to Modena where we met with a number of people at the Maserati Factory, including Roberta Bicocchi (who is responsible for Maserati Clubs worldwide), Arpita Pandya-D’Amico (who is co-ordinating the Centennial celebrations globally) and Fabio Collina (the company historian who is responsible for the Maserati Classiche program). As always, their hospitality was wonderful and they really do make you feel part of the family. While at the factory I was introduced to Adolfo Orsi Jnr, the grandson of Adolfo Orsi (Snr) who owned Maserati from 1937 until 1968. Adolfo is a concours judge at many of the major events, including Pebble Beach, and acts as a consultant on many historical matters relating to Maserati.

We left the Mistral Spyder in Modena where it will go on display in the factory as part of the Centenary celebrations before we return in September to drive it in the Centennial Gathering. All up, we did almost 6,000 km in the Mistral which ran fabulously throughout the journey. Some photos of the trip are below.

John Gove, May 2014

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