2014 Motorclassica

A highlight of the hugely successful Motorclassica 2014 was the celebration of 100 years of Maserati. Maserati had a prime position in an alcove adjacent to the main lounge and entertainment area and Maserati Australia / Zagame had their own display and lounge alongside the exhibition of historic Maseratis.

The event kicked off with the Tour Classica, a drive from the Melbourne Zoo to the Exhibition Building. This was followed by a Cocktail Party on the Thursday evening for participants and sponsors. Reg Hunt and Julia Wood were invited as special guests, with Reg’s involvement with racing Maseratis in the 1950’s and 1960’s being legendary. Reg and Julia were both extremely interesting and very generous with their time with anyone who showed an interest in Maseratis. And what an amazing experience to talk with someone who personally competed with and/or worked with Fangio, Stirling Moss, Jean Behra, Enzo Ferrari and many others of similar stature. It was a privilege to have them there. Reg remarked that this was the best exhibition of classic Maseratis he had ever seen – very high praise indeed.

For anyone who is not familiar with Reg Hunt’s contribution to motor sport in Australia or Maserati’s vital role in motor sport in Australia during the 1950’s and 1960’s, I highly recommend you read two articles by Richard Batchelor which can be seen at http://www.moca.org.au.

The Maserati display generated significant interest and comprised both road and racing cars as well as two OSCA cars produced by the Maserati Brothers. The cars on display were:

  • 1954 Maserati Motorbike “Turismo Lusso”
  • 1956 A6G/54 Allemano
  • 1956 150S / 250S
  • 250F Cameron Millar
  • Tipo 61 Birdcage
  • 1961 OSCA 1600 Boneschi Coupe
  • 1961 OSCA 1600 Fissore Coupe
  • 1963 3500 GTi
  • 1964 3500 Vignale Spyder
  • 1964 Mistral Spyder
  • 1966 Sebring II
  • 1967 Ghibli
  • 1967 Quattroporte S1
  • 1968 Mistral Coupe
  • 1970 Ghibli SS
  • 1970 Indy
  • 1978 Merak SS
  • 1978 Khamsin
  • 1994 Shamal

Max Joffe’s Merak was one of two finalists for its concours class (Modern Classic GT – Euro/UK) and Con Caracoussis won the special Maserati class with his 1966 Sebring II. Both cars were in stunning condition and a credit to their owners.

Andrew Cannon drove his 150S race car (pictured above) from Sydney for the event. I’m sure the sight of the 150S coming up in your rear view mirror would have startled many motorists. Thanks to Andrew for making such a wonderful effort.

Thanks also to all those whose cars were on display and to Mark Jansen who helped me considerably in organising the Maserati display.

John Gove, October 2014

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